3 Best Fitness Trackers in 2019

Staying healthy and fit should be our motto.  In our busy & daily routine, we sometimes don’t take care of our diet; we miss our meals and breakfast. It is really very important to maintain a proper diet and track the records of our jogging, running. Working out and coming back home and subsequently maintaining the record is tedious. The fitness with respect to physical and mental constraint is highly essential.  There are various components like balance, agility, coordination, muscular strength etc which covers fitness. Fitness is not only related to physical strength but mental agility as well.


With the evolution of technology, there are various fitness trackers available in the market. The 3 best Fitness Trackers of 2019 is mentioned below,

  1. Moov Now


Moov Now is one of the most loved fitness brands of 2019. It is affordable in nature and the quality, usability truly justify its price. The fitness tracker is light-weight, easy to use and is flexible in nature. Although, it has certain limited characteristics but is worth it. Some people treat swimming as an exercise, Moov Now can be used to track the records. It is water-proof in nature, so you need not have to worry about the screen. It has extended the battery life of six months and is eligible for active tracking. It is compatible with both Android and IOS technology.

  1. Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro


It is an upgraded version of Samsung Gear Fit 2. The screen size is approximately 1.5 inch. It includes heart rate tracker, active tracking constraint. Its battery life extends approximately up to 3 days. It has an attractive design and lucrative look. It is waterproof in nature and compatible with both Android and IOS users. It has an inbuilt GPS system. It is user-friendly and is easy to use. It has used all type of advanced technology. For example: If you want to put your fitness Tracker on sleep mode just place your palm above the band.

  1. Tom-Tom Spark 3


Tom Tom Spark 3 it is an amalgamation of music, fitness tracking and another constraint. In the fitness band, you can directly upload you customize music gallery. It includes live route-constraint, 24*7 tracking. It gives your accessories a sporty look. It is slim, light-weighted; the focus on the screen is easily readable. It has a power saver mode which is very helpful if you are out of station or in the traveling mode. It is available in the physical stores as well as online. The price is relatively less, but it has all updated features and now is on the verge in upgrading the features and makes it more user-friendly.

Fitness Trackers are highly essential nowadays, to avoid confusion and maintain a healthy life. The fitness tracker is just an add-on and support for your daily routine. Certain people get motivated and start working-out if someone gifts them fitness trackers. Funny, but it is quite interesting. There are other trackers as well which comes under top 10 best fitness trackers like Huawei, Amazefit etc.


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