I Love This Bar & Grill: A Genius Creation from Frank Capri and Toby Keith


Foodies, country fans, and partiers might want to listen up. Frank Capri has taken hold of Toby Keith’s southern style and named a new bar after his 2003 single: I Love This Bar & Grill. It has something for everybody: live entertainment, good food, drink specials, and a whole lot of atmosphere. However, those who are into the southern style might enjoy it in a completely different way.


Those who like to tour various bars are in for a treat when it comes to this one. Drinks are served off a giant horizontal guitar, and always on special are favorite southern cocktails. Those who love Toby Keith will love it even more because there are wall-to-wall rare Toby Keith decorations, including signed concert memorabilia, photos, and t-shirts. It is a great place to have fun and drink like southern folk.


It is great for people just looking to stop in for a drink, but even better for those looking for a fun night out. Local country bands take the mic several nights per week, and it is a guarantee that no other bar in town lets country DJs take the stage on a regular basis. Sometimes, you just want to get down to some twangy tunes and sip a Jack and Coke — this is the perfect place for those who love this kind of fun.


Do not forget about the menu; this is an adventure all at its own. Anyone who has southern roots knows that fried bologna sandwiches on Texas toast are a classic favorite, and this restaurant really perfects the recipe. Maybe you are in the mood for something finger-licking good, and in that case, the ribs with an authentic southern rub are an absolute must-try. It is a guarantee they will be cleaned to the bone.


Sit at the bar and order some appetizers, you will never have better (or bigger portions of) fried shrimp, crawfish, or jalapeno poppers, and they make for great drinking food! Tortilla soup is so delicious when paired with a side of jalapeno corn muffins. While ordering, be sure to take a glimpse at the sides menu — it is impossible to pass up country-style mashed potatoes and sweet-and-savory baked beans.


Once you are finished having the meal experience of a lifetime (especially if you are a Toby Keith fan), stop in the memorabilia store to buy something to remember it by! They sell dry rubs so cooks can attempt to recreate the southern flavors on their own grills, as well as Keith-inspired t-shirts, drinking cups, concert photos, and more. The name I Love This Bar, guests will find, will really hold true.

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