Top 5 Android Productivity apps

Android productivity apps have brought a revolution in the world of mobile applications. They are the sources through which an individual can save time and get his job done effectively. Users of android mobile phones and tablets can easily achieve targets and deadlines by using android productivity apps. These apps are easy to download and easier to use. Following is the list of five most popular android productivity apps that are being used presently by students and professionals.

  1. EvernoteEvernote android productivity app screen photo

Evernote is considered to be the best note taking app in the android world. It is one android productivity app which is easy to use and has everything that a user may need. You can organize data in different sections and also share it with others. You can record your voice note and convert it into text through the automated transcription. Evernote can be downloaded free from Google Play with the capacity of 60MB. However, if you need more space, you can get Evernote at 16GB for $45 annually.

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  1. Google Drive

Google Drive android productivity app screen photo

People who have an account on Gmail also have access to Google Drive. Google Drive is a free android app. It is one of the most reliable android productivity apps as it gives the users 15GB space for free to store their documents. Google Drive also comes with the Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides for android phones with which users can manage, create and edit files such as documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox android productivity app screen photo

One of the most well known functions of Dropbox for android is that it saves all the documents and files of your android mobile phone in it. However, a Dropbox is also effective in editing and sharing those documents and files. Dropbox can be downloaded from Google Play. It is free with a capacity of 2GB for your important files. Even if you lose your mobile phone, your files and documents remain intact in the Dropbox and are can be retrieved.

  1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office android productivity app screen Photo

For students, researchers, writers and professionals, Microsoft Office is one android productivity app which is the most useful. Microsoft Office gives you access to PowerPoint, Word and Excel. You can make presentations, documents and spreadsheets easily on your android mobile phone and share them with others at ease. You can also share your Microsoft Office files easily with your computer. Microsoft Office is free and comes with a 7GB free storage capacity.

  1. Business Calendar Pro    

Business Calender Pro android productivity app Photo

Among the android productivity apps, Business Calendar Pro is one app which is best for professionals who have a lot to do in a little time. It can be synchronized with all Google calendars. It provides with the facilities of agenda, month, day and event view for all the important events that needs to be noted.  can also be downloaded free from the Google Play store. You can use it to figure out the most important things in your life. With this app it is easy to prioritize things as they come. You can get your deadlines met with featuring your tasks in this app.

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