Top 5 qualities of a journalist

We all understand the kind of responsibilities that a journalist has to acquire in order to become successful in reporting events to the common audience. A journalist has a serious job that requires full devotion and sincerity. The qualities of a journalist that can help him or her in achieving the best in the field of information, news and journalism are many. However, five of the most important and note worthy qualities of a journalist that should be acquired are pointed out as follows.

Image showing a female journalist

Top Qualities of a Journalist

  1. Different Perspectives on Important Issues

It is vital that a journalist takes note of the pressing issues that affect a particular society both socially and politically. He or she should have the abilities to see such issues through a third eye that may give them a different perspective of the world they live in. Having a different perspective does not mean that you become extremely negative or extremely positive about an issue. It rather means that a journalist should take a neutral perspective on the happenings around him or her. Moreover, he or she should become more broad minded in terms of reflecting on issues that may cause both social and ethnic disturbances.

  1. A Better Attitude and Aptitude

It is said that “Journalists are born, not made”. The general skills of journalism come naturally to a journalist. A journalist should be literate according to the social sciences and humanities. However, the degree and qualification that a journalist carries, does not matter as much as the attitude and aptitude that he or she bears does. A journalist should be ready to learn and acquire new skills. He or she should not block themselves to information that is beyond their own knowledge.

  1. Stand Up Against Injustice

One of the most valued qualities of a journalist is the ability to stand up against injustice. Whether it is for a poor or a rich man of the society, a journalist should understand that injustice is wrong in whichever shape it comes in the society. Bias is a disease and journalists should understand this. Being biased for a particular figure in politics and negating the person of another is bias. Standing up for the wealth of the rich, but keeping a silent stance for a poor man is bias. Bias can kill the true essence of journalism and so journalists should avoid it.

  1. Become Skeptical

Journalists are bound to search for the truth in whatever form it comes, for it is in their blood. It is a blessing for a journalist to be skeptical. The more skeptical a journalist is, the more confident he or she will be in his or her own self. Being skeptical is one of those qualities of a journalist that does not let him or her to rest. Journalists cannot and should not believe in what others say. Rather, they should become trustworthy sources for information and knowledge on their own.

  1. Curiosity

Curiosity is one of those qualities of a journalist, which makes him or her hungry for information. The curious ones are always in a search for the most important news which can help them getting noticed in the world of media. Curiosity also triggers a quality of critical thinking among the journalists. Critical thinking and curiosity lead a journalist to produce an authentic story which is free from bias.

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